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The establishment of our company, with minor changes, dates back to the beginning of 2000 when Ing. Ivan Knetig, after many years of experience in the aeronautical industry, started working in the private sector and founded a company under the same name.

The company prospered and it was necessary to expand it, so a collection of natural persons was established in 2001 in cooperation with Ing. Ivan Knetig and Hana Schusterová.

In this composition, we worked on the supply of spare parts mainly for the civil aircraft L410 Turboletand we founded TrendAir s.r.o. at the beginning of 2012, with Ing. Ivan Knetig becoming the company’s Managing Director, and this company achieved considerable success in the civil aircraft market.

Several years passed and it was necessary to start moving the company further, so we proceeded to the overall change and founded TURBOair s.r.o. after an agreement on 13 November 2015.

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